“What is important is what binds the parties

and not what makes the conflict escalate further”


Business conflict?

Situations may arise in which parties have different views. This may occur between different companies or within the company in a manager-employee relationship, but also within the executive board or between the board and the supervisory board or with the shareholder(s) of the company.

Canalize can help to straighten out such a situation through Business Mediation. This method is effective and provides sustainable solutions. Also preventively in situations where there is no real conflict.Mediation in business disputes can best be described as an informal, confidential and interest-oriented negotiation process guided by an independent and impartial third party, the mediator. The mediator's task is to effectively manage the communication and negotiation process, with the aim of enabling the participating parties to find a workable solution to their dispute in a relatively short period of time.

High chance of success

Participation in mediation is voluntary and implies that the participating parties have room for negotiation and are willing to negotiate. As a result, the average success rate of mediation is high. Because participants themselves are the architects of their solution, mediation usually leads to a sustainable and business-efficient solution.

Canalize is part of the Mediation Kamer Amsterdam, a partnership of business mediators from various disciplines who provide services in the field of business mediation, negotiation and conflict management.www.mediationkameramsterdam.nl


“Mediation has changed my business life tremendously. I approach things differently, I listen in a different way and I communicate differently. I often apply the mediation skills. Not only in conflicts, but also in daily work, such as when working on a business case or in a brainstorming session. I have actually integrated these skills into my management style and conversation techniques”

Willem Meijer