“Delaying a decision can be

more powerful than taking it”


Organisations are constantly changing. Every change demands a lot from directors and managers. That is why you need extra strength for a certain period of time. Canalize has years of relevant experience in interim management pertaining to reorganisations, acquisitions and integrations. You can also come to us for complex issues, targeted improvements and the guidance of start-ups.


As a result of modern corporate governance requirements, supervision is playing an increasingly important role within the organisation of a company. Supervision can take the form of a supervisory board or a more informal advisory body. In some sectors, it has even been laid down by law that independent supervision is used to safeguard the continuity of the company and to assess the policy implemented. In addition, the supervisory body provides the management with advice. Aspects such as risk, culture, development and behaviour are important. The trick of supervision is to maintain an atmosphere that does justice to the entrepreneurial spirit and need for innovation within an organisation, while taking all interests into account.

“Willem is a very pleasant and good sparring partner in the field of entrepreneurial challenges. A sympathetic and critical ear, who keeps asking the right questions”