“The protagonist is the human being”


As a director at the top of your organisation, you are for many the leader, an inspirer and the one who thinks along with you on solutions to complex issues. Political issues, stakeholder management, often in a tough and businesslike dynamic. This role can sometimes feel lonely. Who can you turn to for advice or inspiration? Or just a sounding board. To reflect on the current situation and consider steps for the future? Every director can use a mirror, a sounding board, a confidant. Willem has a lot of experience in guiding directors. This can be done by means of a one-off or a periodic meeting, at the office or in another setting outside the working environment.


How is your work career going? Are you getting stuck or are you ready for a new challenge? Is your work pressure high and is your work/life balance unbalanced? Or do you want to develop your leadership? The aim of Executive Coaching is to help you as an employee, manager or entrepreneur with the unique content of your career. It is about fulfilment and feeling happy with the work you do. I do this by asking critical questions, holding up mirrors, suggesting surprising perspectives and sharing experiences. Both from a business and a personal perspective. You broaden your horizon and learn to see surprising possibilities or solutions. With the executive coaching programme, I will help you with this.


Are you considering a new step in your life? On a professional or personal level? Do you want assistance in making important life choices? What is your life mission? What drives you and how do you want to make a difference? Are you looking for a better balance in your life? With my life coaching programme based on the CTI model, co-active coaching, I help you to set new goals and guide you in achieving these goals. The coaching philosophy is based on the principle that people are creative by nature. I help you to go back to your own values and ambitions and from there to think in terms of possibilities. This form of coaching can also be followed online or on the beautiful and inspiring island of Mallorca in the form of a retreat. www.canalizecoaching.nl

Willem Meijer is a Co-Active Coach trained by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI).

“Willem is a motivating, inspiring coach! Every session I went out of my comfort zone and this brought me to valuable new insights. He has helped and motivated me to take back control of my own life. In addition, he has a lot of passion for the profession and he always knows how to get to the heart of the matter using different methods, among other things”

Co-Active Training Institute (CTI)

Co-Active is the new language of leadership. For over 28 years, CTI has partnered with coaches and leaders around the world to help them navigate to stronger relationships, integrated solutions and create meaningful impact in the world. The work we do goes beyond training.  

Through pioneering teaching methods and a global network of world-class teachers and partners, the Co-Active Difference delivers contextually relevant and experiential learning that is transformational and a lifelong journey of developing the deepest expression of leadership in each person. Feel free to contact me for an introductory meeting